Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Southside ISD Election may be a victim of voter apathy

Well, just another example of voter apathy, the Southside ISD bond election, which ends today at 6:oopm has had a dismal turnout so far, less than 1% of eligible voters have cast their ballots.

This doesn't surprise me a whole lot because Southside ISD is a minority school district with a high poverty rate.  Most people are just trying to survive and many work long hours.  Their access to information is also limited.   But it's not like the school district hasn't tried to get their attention. 

Jorge Topete, the district's public information officer, said district officials have worked to promote awareness of the election through a public hearing, postings on the district's website and Twitter, announcing election information at a recent football game, visiting local churches, sending information to local businesses and other methods.
The bond won't even effect the tax rate for the district, it just allows them to shift funding around.  So if you know anyone who lives in the district, urge them to go vote!

For information on where to vote check out this post.

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