Wednesday, September 8, 2010

C'mon People, Get Out and Vote!

Voter turnout for local races in Bexar County is always dismally low.  That's why I like to vote in those elections because my vote really counts.

This November the elections are statewide, with the Governor's race, several state official spots and some congressional seats up for grabs.  This is an important election, but county election officials are predicting only 30 percent of registered voters will show up, and that's with 27,000 fewer registered voters than in 2006.

So what's holding YOU back?

Do you need to register, or find out if you are registered?   Then check here.
You have until October 6, 2010 to register.

Want to know who represents you now and what districts you're in?  Click here for statewide offices and here for.  For Bexar County and City of San Antonio click here.

Are you not sure who's running?  Then check here.

Do you need more information about the candidates?  Then check here.
Also, check out Texas Public Radio 89.1 FM about a week before the election (November 2, 2010) for interviews with the candidates.

Not sure when voting starts?  Check here.

Are you living abroad, but still want to vote?  Check here.
Not sure which precinct you're in?  Check here.

Do you want to vote early?  Here are the locations and dates.

Don't know where you're supposed to go vote on election day?  Click here.

So now you have NO EXCUSES!!!


  1. It's so easy to vote in Texas -- especially early -- that it almost takes an effort not to vote. There aren't many good excuses for not voting.

    Some. But not many.