Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Texas Grows, but what about the budget?

Some preliminary population numbers are out from the Census Bureau and Texas has grown twice as fast as the rest of the nation.   This is good news if you want to be a Congressman.  Texas will get 4 new congressional districts.  But it also means the Texas budget has to grow to keep up.  Funding sources for the Texas budget have not grown and that's why Texas legislators face a big budget deficit in 2011.  There are two ways to deal with the deficit, raise taxes (ain't gonna happen) or cut spending.  In my next post about the Texas budget I'm going to talk about options for Medicaid, the second largest portion of the Texas budget. 


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  2. Great post. I have to wonder what is causing the sudden growth in Texas?

  3. Governor Perry has been very actively courting Fortune 500 companies to come to Texas with his Enterprise Fund. He is also enticing emerging technology companies with research grants and the emerging technology fund. This means more jobs in Texas, along with no state income taxes, and fairly low business taxes. So where the jobs go, so goes the population. Also, Texas was fortunate to be in the oil business when oil became more expensive.