Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pushing for Green in San Antonio

San Antonio is gearing up to be a Green Leader in the 21st Century. There have been several articles in the Express-News lately about green initiatives the city is implementing. It is all part of the 11-point Mission Verde Plan. Plans range from bringing more green jobs to the city to green building codes, a green housing and building retrofitting program, a more desirable multi-modal mass transit system, sustainable real estate development, a green venture capital fund, and maximazation of sustainability all city facilities.

The lastest effort is putting bicycle lanes on the forefront of city road building and planning. In the past cyclists had no sway but now that the city is greening up, bicycle transportation is getting a big boost. The city already has plans to stripe up lanes on several existing roadways that have plenty of space for a bike lane. This intiative kills two birds with one stone, the obesity epidemic and lowering carbon dioxide emissions. Hopefully soon there will be north-south and east-west corridors linking SA's linear parks and street level bike lanes to make it possible for commuters to bike to work.


  1. This entry is very interesting. The idea of a "Green City" might be the next technological inspiration of the years to come for all of the cities in the state of texas. Small insertations such as bike lanes; and a major increace of the use of these lanes could make an astronomical difference in the number of pollutatns in our San Antonio air.
    This is a concern not concentrated enough upon by the people of San Antonio. This "Green City" needs to be put into action, ideas, activists, even scientists NEED to be utilized by thoes who manage the city in such ways that would be relevent to impliment the Green Ideas of a Green City.
    Such belittleing of enviromental concerns (as demonstrated in the past) lead to the deterioration of the local and global enviroment and divorce of the people and the enviroment that infested and polluted by them.

  2. Stay tuned, there will be more posts like this with links on how to get involved.