Monday, May 31, 2010

Where do Your Property Taxes Go?

Let's say that your house is valued at $189,930 which is pretty close to the average home price in San Antonio. Your total property tax bill for 2010 without any exemptions would be $5,029.23. So where does this money go?

Well, according to the Bexar Appraisal District this is the breakdown:

$58.27 goes to Bexar County Road Maintenance and Flood Control
$30.30 goes to San Antonio River Authority
$258.03 goes to Alamo Community College District (NW Vista, SAC, St. Phillips, etc)
$505.66 goes to the University Health System (University Hospital)
$552.65 goes to Bexar County
$1,074.42 goes to the City of San Antonio
$2,540.31 goes to the School District you are in (In this case North Side ISD)

This tax bill would vary depending on which school district you lived in because each school district has it's own taxing rate.

The first category, Bexar County Road and Flood Maintenance is pretty self explanatory. Bexar County pays a portion of every road and flood project done in the City of San Antonio, and every other town within the county. The city of San Antonio also pays a portion of road and flood maintenance, and the San Antonio River Authority pays a portion of the flood maintenance, which I will talk about in a future post. But if you live outside the city limits, the only money going for road maintenance would be $58.27 from your taxes. You would pay less taxes but it will probably take a lot longer to have any work done on problem areas near your home.

In my following posts I will give a break down of how each of these taxing districts uses your money.

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