Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Does Voting Matter?

Scott Stroud of the San Antonio Express-News believes that if Texans voted more we wouldn't have had the lunatic textbook standards pass that make Texans look like a bunch of right wing zealots. I agree. Most people have no idea who represents them as US Senator, let alone on the State Board of Education, and they certainly don't vote.

The general public gets caught up in Presidential elections, but they don't seem to realize that state and local elections are actually much more critical to their daily lives. It used to be difficult to find out anything about the candidates in the past but now with the Internet there is no excuse for not knowing about elections, candidates and positions. But instead people spend their time reading about Lindsey Lohan's latest drug arrest, or Paris Hilton's latest boy toy. Don't get me wrong, I read the gossip columns too, but I also care about what goes on in my community.

Over and over I hear excuses about voting, the most common being "My vote doesn't really count anyway." But that is so wrong, voter turnouts in state and local elections are SO LOW that every vote counts. IF YOU DISAGREE WITH THE TEXTBOOK STANDARDS VOTE IN THE NEXT STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION ELECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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