Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I can't put that in my recycling can, then what do I do with it?

It's a little hard to keep up with what can actually be put in a City of San Antonio recycling container.  At first it was #1 & # 2 plastics, newpapers, metal cans and clear, green and brown glass.  Then it changed to #1 through #7 plastics, office and school paper, cardboard food cartons, glass food containers, newspaper, and metal food cans.  Next the city decided to stop receiving Styrofoam because it clogged up the sorters.  In order to keep up you practically need to check the Solid Waste Management site once a month.

But what do you do with the other stuff you'd like to recycle?  Here's a list provided by Solid Waste Management:

Metal Recycling
ABC Recycling
Aluminum cans, brass, copper, stainless steel and radiators

River City Steel & Recycling
All metals, car parts, radiators, water heaters

Vance Recycling
601 Roland
Aluminum, copper, brass, car batteries, radiators

Ashley Salvage Co
4918 Roosevelt Ave
Aluminum cans, scrap metal, iron, steel, tin, copper

Great Northwest Recycling
Metal only--refrigerators, stoves, car parts, copper, brass

Longhorn Recycling
Copper, appliances, lead, steel, radiators

AG Pickard Pecans
117 Nogalitos
Non-ferrous (no iron or steel) metals, aluminum, copper, brass

Monterrey Iron & Metal
Iron, copper, brass, aluminum cans, stainless steel (i.e. flatware), tin, zinc

Toucan Recycling
1415 Poplar
All non-ferrous metals (no iron alloys), aluminum, brass, copper, tubing, radiators

Plastic Bags
Most HEB & Walmart locations
Look for the recylcing bins in front of the stores

Paper Recycling (for those of you not in the city limits)
Abitibi Recycling
(the bins in most school parking lots, used as a fundraiser)
Paper, newspaper, mail, magazines, cardboard

Electronic Recycling
Corona Vision
Fee: depends on item
All electronics

(all locations)
used motor oil, car batteries

Technology Recycling
Scrap computers

Keep San Antonio Beautiful
Old cell phones

SARS Recycling
Any electrical item that plugs into an outlet

Home Depot 
unbroken fluorescent light bulbs at the return counter

City of San Antonio Bitters Mulching Facility
Clean brush

Firestone Tires & Service Centers
Various locations
tires for a fee

In addition to this list the Lions Club takes used prescription eyeglasses ( there is a drop off box near customer service in the Walmart at IH 10 and De Zavala).

Wow, who knew you could recycle all this stuff here in San Antonio!

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