Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are YOU putting Trash in your Recycling Bin?

I was putting out my recycling bin this morning and I thought it might be a good idea to give everyone a heads up on what I learned at the Neighborhood Resource Center Convention.  I spoke to a representitive for the Solid Waste Management department and she said that inspectors are already going out to neighborhoods with the recycling trucks to inspect the cans for noncompliant uses. If they find trash in your bin you have three chances to clean up your act before they discontinue the service.

The items that you are allowed to put in the recycling can have changed some what over time, so here is a new list:

  • Office Paper--envelopes, construction paper, etc.
  • Food Packages--cereal, pasta, rice, beer/soda cartons
  • Paper bags
  • Newspapers
  • Plastic bottles--beverage bottles, medicine containers, shampoo and lotion bottles
  • Food Containers--condiment bottles, clean (NON STYROFOAM) clean food trays
  • Beverage bottles--soda and beer bottles
  • Condiment jars--Sauce jars, condiment containers (i.e. jelly, mustard), metal lids

  • Aluminum cans
  • Aerosol cans--Empty and remove nozzle (I didn't know about this one)
  • Steel and tin cans--soup, fruit, dog food, etc.
Solid Waste Management also asks that the items be LOOSE in the bin (no bags).

It will take awhile for the inspectors to check all those recycling bins, so they are starting with the parts of town with the most egregious users first (you know who you are).  So, in the meantime, check your bins for non compliant items, and take them out!  I'll post a list of places to take recyclable items not accepted by the city.

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