Saturday, July 3, 2010

Strange in Texas

This story could easily go in the Strange in San Antonio blog.  Governor Perry, who loves to thwart the federal government, has been outmaneuvered by the US House of Representatives.  While approving an appropriations bill for the war in Afghanistan, they tacked on a rider to force Perry to use federal funds to hire new teachers. 

Seems back in 2009, Perry accepted federal funds for education, but then cut an equal amount of state funding for school districts, pocketing the money for state coffers.  Wonder if he used some of the money to pay for his rental mansion?  School districts in San Antonio are planning on cutting way back in hiring new teachers, could it have something to do with Perry's stinginess?

The $820 million dollars that will go directly into school district coffers is contingent on Perry signing off on not cutting state funding and not cutting the education portion of the state budget more than any other item.  Unfortunenatly I think the House just slapped Perry in the face with a white glove.  It's duelling time.

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