Monday, July 12, 2010

The Gulf Project

I am a believer in sound scientific approaches to problems.  The biggest problem with the BP oil spill is that they never really expected a drill failure, so they have no tested way of dealing with it.  All of the fixes being tried in the gulf right now are experimental, and in a way are a good testing ground for new approaches, but at what a terrible cost. 

I don't always agree with Governor Perry on his policies, but I think the Gulf Project is a great idea.  Perry has enlisted scientists, engineers, policy experts, researchers, and other state officials from NASA, Rice, Texas Tech, U of H, A&M, and other agencies to research and develop safer oil drilling techniques and to come up with a more effective response strategy to future oil spills.  Oil is a big industry in Texas and Perry is right on target to protect the industry in this proactive approach.

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