Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp bullis Under Siege

Camp Bullis is surrounded but don't worry the Cavalry is coming to its aid.

Back in 1977 when the camp was first built it was out in the boonies, 1604 was still a two lane farm road with no night time lighting.  Its remote location in the past made it a quiet, low light area perfect for night maneuvers and far enough away from housing developments to keep from bothering residents with loud noise during the day. But now the base is beset by development on all sides.  There are housing lots in the most expensive parts of the Dominion that abut the barbed wire fence that sets off the reservation.  You can't even get a cell phone signal on those streets.  Why anyone would want to build a $1 million+ house next to an army reservation where they practice shooting small arms at 23 ranges and do night time training maneuvers for military police is beyond me.

Camp Bullis' mission was in jeopardy, and could possibly have been closed in the base realignments.  But now thanks to new state laws and city ordinances the base is protected.  Sixty-five recommendations made by the Camp Bullis Joint Land Use Study were used to craft the new legislation. Most importantly, in order to perform nightime training, future construction must use "dark sky" lighting to reduce ambient light interference   and a military sound attenuation overlay which requires buildings to have sound proofing built into them.   Also a disclosure notice to homebuyers posted on the city website warning of noise from the 23 small-arms practice ranges on the base.

The military is the largest employer in SA, making them happy makes sense.

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