Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will There Be Enough Water????

 Just found this little news item on the San Antonio Remember Blog
If new sources of water are not found for San Antonio in the next four years, the city is going to be up a creek and a dry one at that. This was the contention today of R. A. Thompson Jr., general manager of the water board, as he outlined San Antonio's future water needs.

This was during the seven year drought in the 1950s.  I've heard old timers say that when their children were growing up they didn't know what rain looked like.  We have to be prepared for future droughts, not just naturally occurring ones, but more severe droughts that will be brought on by climate change.  As the city grows the need to conserve our most important natural resource becomes even greater.

The San Antonio Water System is doing a pretty good job of encouraging water conservation but they can't do it without your help.  Check out their website today to find out about rebates for low water use appliances and fixtures and for ways you can help conserve water.


  1. We've done a good job of conserving water so far in San Antonio, but make no mistake -- it's not because there is an actual shortage of water in the aquifer for the people who live here. It's just that there's a shortage of water for some creatures and some grass in a few springs in San Marcos.

  2. Yes, but as our population grows, even all the water in the Edwards Aquifer won't be enough. Right now we are also using water from the Carizzo-Wilcox Aquifer, and it looks like there may be a fight brewing over that usage. Check out this post at the Texas Water Solutions Blog.