Friday, June 4, 2010

Where do Your Property Taxes Go? University Health System

A recap of the 2010 property tax bill of $5,029.23 for a $189,930 house.

$58.27 goes to Bexar County Road Maintenance and Flood Control
$30.30 goes to San Antonio River Authority
$258.03 goes to Alamo Community College District (NW Vista, SAC, St. Phillips, etc)
$505.66 goes to the University Health System (University Hospital)
$552.65 goes to Bexar County
$1,074.42 goes to the City of San Antonio
$2,540.31 goes to the School District you are in (In this case North Side ISD)

About 39% of the University Health System budget comes from property taxes. Other sources of revenue are Patient Payments (45%), Disproportionate Share Hospital program (paid by the state to cover costs not covered by Medicaid and for indigent patients) (12%), other revenue, such as Donations to the UHS foundation (3.9%) and money from the Tobacco Settlement (.1 %) 

The System uses your $505.66 to  offer the full range of medical services to anyone needing their services, including:  trauma care (the only other trauma facility is BAMC), health education, and CARELINK (a financial assistance program for people who do not qualify for Chip or Medicaid).

The State of Texas ranks the lowest in per capita state health spending, so we tax payers really aren't paying that much for indigent patients.  Also the vast majority of public employees in Texas are either teachers or hospital workers.


  1. Why do I have to pay a University Health system tax when Im military and I get all my care at BAMC???

  2. Because you own property in Texas. However, if you are a disabled veteran you can get an exemption that will lower your taxes some. It may not totally wipe out the University Health System portion, but it should help.

  3. Nice that I get to pay taxes to a hospital system that doesn't provide free services unless you're an illegal alien...

  4. Now that we MUST carry health insurance, it would be a tough sell to tell taxpayers that they MUST also pay for those who do not have said insurance.

    That would mean that those who break the law, or elected to pay fine, would be entitled to my hard won money via taxation. Not the sort of thing I want to pay, on top of all the other taxations for "city" services that all go to the North Side.....or political "base" for city candidates.

    Its tantamount to theft.