Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Do Your Property Taxes Go? Alamo Community College District

A recap of the 2010 property tax bill of $5,029.23 for a $189,930 house.

$58.27 goes to Bexar County Road Maintenance and Flood Control
$30.30 goes to San Antonio River Authority
$258.03 goes to Alamo Community College District (NW Vista, SAC, St. Phillips, etc)
$505.66 goes to the University Health System (University Hospital)
$552.65 goes to Bexar County
$1,074.42 goes to the City of San Antonio
$2,540.31 goes to the School District you are in (In this case North Side ISD)

The $258.03 that goes to the Alamo Community College District  is used to help support the Community Colleges in San Antonio:  Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, San Antonio College, St. Phillips College and Palo Alto College.  The Alamo Community College District is a special government with taxing authority and the ability to issue bonds.  The bond issues are used to borrow money and are approved by the voters before they can be issued.  The district also has an elected board, and right now there is a heavilly contested race in District 7 between Blakely Latham Fernandez and David A. Whitley.

Your $258.03 helps to pay for college operations and to pay off bond issue debt.  Operating expenses include, instruction, public service, academic support, student services, institutional services, operation and maintenance of plant,  and scholarships and fellowships.  Now this is only a drop in the bucket to cover the college's expenses so the rest is covered by state allocations (sales tax revenue), tuition and fees paid by the students, federal (income tax revenue) and state grants and contracts and investments in that order with the majority of funds coming from the state, tuition and the federal government.

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