Monday, November 22, 2010

Civic Commons

I'm still on jury duty, but I have a little time to write a quick post.  I found out about a website this morning called Civic Commons.  Civic Commons wants to help government entities at all levels share their technology, eliminating redundancy, fostering innovation, and cutting costs.  Here's what they do

  • Facilitating the sharing of code among government entities, with an eye towards developing an “Open Civic Stack”
  • Connecting governments throughout all phases of technology procurement, and building systems for more transparent & informed technology choices
  • Developing and supporting Open Data and Open Standards as foundations of an “Open Civic API”
  • Spreading government technology best practices
  • Building a community of “civic hackers” and give them clear opportunities to assist in the development of government technology
An interesting idea that could save governments a lot of money.  I only see one draw back, security issues in dealing with open sourced software, but if the government entity is diligent in dealing with security, this shouldn't be a problem.  I'll post the site in my helpful website listings.

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