Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Code For America: The Experiment

I have just added a Twitter Search for Code For America to follow their Open Cities Think Up experiment. 
Local governments are considered “laboratories of democracy” — the places where ideas are generated, tried, and evaluated. Instead of relying on just the one, decidedly tedious national government to generate new policy, the founders crafted a flexible federal structure, where the more numerous and more nimble states and cities could experiment on their own and see what works. Simply put, no institution would have a monopoly on good ideas. The best ideas from any government would bubble up and benefit every government. For that to happen, though, the knowledge and learnings from those experiments must be shared. That’s why today, with so many cities and states across the country currently experimenting with open government, today we’re launching our own experiment, and, in true democratic fashion, we need your help.
Tell us how technology is making a difference in your city; point us to good ideas, where they're happening, and the people and organizations behind them. Reply to any of the questions [on the feed] to deepen our collective understanding of how cities are becoming more open.

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